Diurne, Klaus Von Nichtsaggend, 2022

Torch of Hundres Statues, Klaus Von Nichtsaggend, 2018

A Body in Latency, Sala Diaz, 2016

Annex Room, Klaus Von Nichtsaggend, 2015

The Arrows Like Soft Moonbeams, 65Grand, 2015

Ad Infinitum, The Katzen Art Center, American University, Washington DC, 2014

Cosmopolitan Sleep Positions, Klaus Von Nichtssagend, 2014

Eyes Fixed Upon Pictures, Abons Art Center, 2013

In a Shaded Corner of the Room, Gallery Rotor, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2012

Dawn Goes Round by the Neck, Klaus Von Nichtsaggend, 2011

Dragged Fondly Into the Woods, Rokeby Gallery, London, 2011

Those That Float Because They Are Light, Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Canada, 2009

Ian Pedigo, Rokeby Gallery, 2009

OnBalanceVolume, Pianissimo Gallery, Milan, 2008