Located at the overpopulated intersection of collage and assemblage — this work avoids many of the current clichés. Everything is used sparely and with a geometric sense of structure; details stand out and include drawing, applications of color and little touches that may or may not be accidental. All is revealed. Thought and physical precision foment a kind of resurrection.

Roberta Smith, The New York Times

The artifacts and images…suggest a quietly experimental, performative approach to object making. The results…have an intimation of ritual. In both prints and sculptures, the density that results from this compulsive process of addition only emphasizes the fragility of each component part, and the value of giving the smallest moment our fullest attention.

Michael Wilson, Artforum

While the works in this exhibition were visually and intellectually engaging, they were, at the same time, what we’d expect from an artist who invariably delivers the unexpected in his mastery of gathering and arranging disparate objects.

Maximilíano Durón, Artnews


Ian Pedigo is an artist who employs diverse mediums, yet classifies all his work as sculpture. Over the past two decades, he has brought the physical, aesthetic, and spatial sensitivity of sculpture to his collages, images, and installations. This fusion generates a tangible material mysticism, where the intrinsic essence of matter and the responsive nature of sensory experience join in a realm of physical and metaphysical non-duality. Whether drawing inspiration from everyday street discoveries or celestial wonders, from modernity or antiquity, Pedigo’s artworks transcend standard definitions of ordinary vs. exalted—embracing everything as sublime. They encourage deep reflection on the intrinsic essence of existence, encompassing both the physical and spiritual realms and offer reflections into the inner workings of lived realities.

Pedigo’s work is largely influenced by ideas of possible worlds found in Modal Realism & panpsychism, the ethics of humanism, as well as the vital agency and social ecologies as expressed in Jane Bennett’s Vibrant Matter. He is also an avid researcher and practioner of traditional European, Near-Eastern, and Meditteranean forms of mysticism. He is the founder and writer for the online journal Artpyre.


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